How Do Scout Elves Get Their Magic?

Nobody at the North Pole has as much magic as Santa, but his trusty Scout Elves come very close! Thanks to their Christmas magic, they can complete nightly flights to the North Pole at record speed, create awe-inspiring surprises and finish super-skilled tasks for Santa. But how do Scout Elves get their magic in the first place?

How Do Scout Elves Get Magic? - The Elf on the Shelf

This question has mystified millions of the Scout Elves biggest fans: children. When your kids inquire about your elf’s magic, where it comes from, and what it can help your elf do (or not do)—let this be your guide!

Christmas Magic 101

  • First, your Scout Elf needs a name. One of the most important steps in adopting a Scout Elf is giving your new helper a name—and for good reason! A Scout Elf’s heart is full of Christmas magic, and once your family names your Scout Elf, it activates the Christmas magic in your elf’s heart, allowing them to fly, report to Santa and keep a watchful eye each Christmas. Whether you choose Holly, Jingles or Clyde, your elf will receive all the magic they need to make unbelievable feats possible!
  • Can an elf lose its magic? With great magic, comes great responsibility! Once your Scout Elf has their magic, they must preserve it as much as they can. Your family can help by never touching your elf. If you do, your elf could lose their magic and be unable to fly to the North Pole. Luckily, Santa’s thought of everything, so restoring the magic is simple. Here’s what to do if your Scout Elf has lost its magic.
  • What else can Christmas magic do? While flying is one of the most common—and impressive—tasks that magic allows your Scout Elf to complete, there are a host of special duties from Santa that require special training—and magic. Scout Elves are able to deliver and sort letters to Santa in a snap, manage the Legends and Lore Room at the North Pole and make quick work of baking cookies with Mrs. Claus, all thanks to Christmas magic.
  • Are there limits to the magic? So does having magic mean the Scout Elves can do every trick, impossible feat, and astounding act that your children want to know about? Well, only Santa truly knows all the astounding feats that Christmas magic can make possible!

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